Vermont stands out in so many ways when it comes to food, but one of our strong points is our bagel scene.

When you think bagels, you probably think of New York or Montreal, not Vermont. However, located strategically between the two bagel capitals of the world, Vermont offers a unique mix of both bagel styles and endless bagel variety.

Here are some of the best bagel options in and around Burlington.

Myers Bagels

Many local residents don’t know this place exists. If you haven’t been here, drop what you are doing and go!

Despite some fierce competition, Myers is my top choice when it comes to bagels. Tucked away in an industrial building off of Pine Street, Myers is easy to miss, but don’t be fooled – it is a true destination.

The bagels are Montreal-style, small and compact but full of flavor. The selection of flavors may not be as wide as some of the other bagel bakeries in town, but everything they sell is delicious. Myers particularly stands out for its sandwiches. My favorite, The Ivan, is particularly unique, a bagel with a fried egg, brie, avocado, and sriracha sauce.

The atmosphere is also great, with ample seating and a cozy atmosphere that makes it a fun place to meet up with friends or hang out and read a book over lunch.

Willows Bagels

Willows is right behind City Market, just several blocks from downtown

A newcomer to the Vermont bagel scene, Willows opened in 2018 and has already become one of the top bagel destinations in the city. Located on Union Street just behind City Market, Willows is a close walk from downtown.

Willows offers some particularly distinct bagel flavors including jalapeno cheddar chive, carrot ginger, and roasted red pepper asiago. The cream cheese flavors are plentiful as well an include bacon jalapeno, caramelized onion, and a large selection of vegan flavors.

For lunch, try the Yashi, a sandwich filled with house-made grilled marinated tofu, pickled carrots, cucumbers, spinach, chipotle mayo. The Indie is also very good, filled with egg, cheese, kimchi, fried brussels sprouts, caramelized onions, and roasted red pepper mayo.

Unlike other institutions right on Church Street, there is plenty of seating to be found at Willows, lots of outlets for your computer, and free parking.

The Bagel Place

The Bagel Place in an efficient machine with delicious bagels

When I asked my husband of his ranking of bagel places in the area in preparation for writing this article, The Bagel Place was at the top of his list. Another friend of mine seconded that opinion.


The Bagel Place, conveniently located on Williston Road in South Burlington (with plenty of free parking), offers consistent, quality bagels in an efficient way. The team works with incredible speed to put together whatever delicious concoction you’ve ordered, and you will be in and out. This is no doubt the place to go when you have five minutes to grab a tasty breakfast or lunch.

The menu and decor are classic for a New York style bagel shop. Most days there is a fairly wide selection of bagel flavors, and The Bagel Place offers standard bagel fare such as the Tuna Salad, BLT, and Ham & Swiss sandwiches. For vegetarians, the Pesto Veggie Bagel is particularly good.

Burlington Bagel Bakery

Like The Bagel Place, Burlington Bagel Bakery, is a traditional bagel place that does all the basics extremely well.

Located off of Shelburne Road in South Burlington with a newer second location on Church Street in downtown Burlington, Burlington Bagel Bakery is easy to access and a great place to run in for a quick meal. The bagels are more in the New York style, but they have tried to incorporate some aspects of Montreal bagels by offering traditional Montreal flavors like Montreal Spice.

Burlington Bagel Bakery has expanded into several more creative offerings as well like cranberry granola bagels and Spicy Mexican or Spinach & Artichoke cream cheeses. There is also a wide selection of breakfast and lunch sandwiches as well as a list of salads if you will be dining with anyone who isn’t a fan of bagels.

Feldman’s Bagels

Grab a bagel on Pine Street, on your way to Oakledge Park

Feldman’s pitches itself as a New York bagel shop through and through. With three locations in Vermont – one in Burlington on Pine Street, another in Shelburne, and a third in St. Albans, they are a thriving operation.

There is nothing out of the ordinary here, just good classic bagels and top notch (Speeder & Earl’s) coffee, done well. I have heard several New Yorkers say Feldman’s tastes like home.

The Bagel Cafe

Located in the New North End in Burlington, The Bagel Cafe is the only bagel option in this part of town, but residents have nothing to complain about; it is really good.

The bagels are of the New York variety, large and fluffy, and make a good base to the large selection of both breakfast and lunch sandwiches offered (including a lot of options to customize your own sandwich creation).

Highlights include the Spicy Sunrise (Hot Capicola, Egg, Pepper Jack Cheese, and sriracha sauce), Turkey Jarlsberg BLT (Roasted Turkey Breast, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, and Swiss, & Whole Grain Mustard), and Pastrami Reuben (Hot Pastrami, Swiss, and Sauerkraut, & Thousand Island Dressing)l

Vermont Bagel Company

Best for Winooski and Colchester residents

As a Winooski resident, I was thrilled when this place opened just a couple minutes from where I live several years ago. Winooski had been strangely left out of the bagel boom, and though Vermont Bagel Company is technically located a few feet over the Winooski border in Colchester just past Winooski High School, it fills the previously large void for Winooski and Colchester residents.

Vermont Bagel Company offers solid New York-style bagels that come in 21 varieties as well as a number of different sandwich options. The atmosphere is pleasant, although the hours are somewhat limited (closes at 2pm).

Tip: if you aren’t in the mood for a bagel, try the brownies or doughnuts. They are surprisingly good.

Bagels Plus

Bagels Plus is Williston’s only bagel bakery, but it doesn’t disappoint. It offers some pretty exciting bagel varieties including maple chocolate chip, bacon everything four cheese, and cracked pepper parmesan.

What I like most about Bagels Plus is the flexible sandwich menu which embraces the “Create Your Own” philosophy. Choose from a variety of meats, cheeses, vegetables, and a long list of flavorful condiments to create a breakfast or lunch sandwich exactly to your liking.

Bagel Market

Bagel Market, located on Susie Wilson Road in Essex, doesn’t get as much attention as many other bagel places in town, but it deserves a place on this list.

With tons of natural light and exposed brick walls, Bagel Market has a really cute atmosphere. It is a great place to meet friends.

The menu is actually longer, more varied, and interesting than at many other bagel places in town with bagel and non-bagel items. The Steak & Eggs Sandwich offers consists of scrambled egg, hash brown, green pepper, red onion, roast beef, melted Cabot cheddar cheese, and horseradish mayo.

The Cuban Sandwich is made with seared pork loin, ham, sliced pickles, melted Swiss cheese and either yellow or dijon mustard.

There is a large selection of vegetarian options too.

As some Yelpers have pointed out, service can be slow and you may have to wait a bit longer for your meal than at other places in town, but when I go in with that expectation, I have yet to be disappointed.


Pallas Ziporyn is a Realtor based in Burlington, VT. She is the founder and head writer for The Vermont Real Estate Blog, and she works with both buyers and sellers in Chittenden County and surrounding areas.

In addition to her real estate pursuits, Pallas enjoys serving on the Winooski Planning Commission, skiing, writing, and spending time with her husband Chris and their two small children, Leander and Hugo.